A majority of public prefer Lab-Libdem deal

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Liberal Conspiracy » A majority of public prefer Lab-Libdem deal.

As Liberal Conspiracy notes:

A Populus poll for The Times suggests the public are open to a range of different outcomes from the inconclusive General Election.

The paper’s headline Public want Conservatives to share power with LibDems highlights the most popular option, though by a very narrow margin, as Peter Riddell reports.

And in fact a Labour-LibDem coalition (51 per cent) has more support than a full Tory-LibDem coalition (46 per cent, with 52 per cent against). A Tory minority government is just more popular than either (53 per cent), as long as it depends on LibDem support, and much the least popular option (29 per cent) if primarily based on an understanding with the Ulster Unionists.

We may see slightly different results as the question is asked in different ways, but the poll suggests that the public seem to support the politicians negotiating to deal with the hung Parliament outcome, and do not regard the outcome as a foregone conclusion.

My suspicion is Liberal Conspiracy have this right: the public did want a hung parliament and want politicians to realise none of them are right. If it stops them offering trite solutions to complex, all to the good.

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