Election thoughts

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Blogs are meant to be streams of consciousness. This is what this one is!

How to feel this morning?

Delighted the Tories have not got a majority.

Delighted for Caroline Lucas and the Greens.

Delighted the BNP have not made anything near a breakthrough.

Sorry to lose David Drew as MP for Stroud – he’s been a good guy to work with.

Please that Austin Mitchell, Michael Meacher, Jon Cruddas, Kelvin Hopkins and many other parliamentary friends are back.

Glad the Labour party has not fallen apart.

Concerned about whether the opportunity to change Labour leader will arise.

Believing that we have a curious opportunity for stable government. Of course Clegg must offer Cameron a chance – but Cameron has no chance I can see of keeping the Lib Dems happy – even more so when they should have 150 seats, not 55.

Believing a stable two year plan for government can be built between Labour and the Lib Dems based on realistic economic policy, voting reform and a mutual fear they cannot afford another election. I can see the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the SDLP, Greens and independent unionists and NI Alliance Party buying that.

Thinking therefore that this might have been the result we needed – proof that electoral reform is now essential.

Maybe, just maybe, this may have been a very good result indeed.