When tax fails so does the economy, and then society itself

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Greek Wealth Is Everywhere but Tax Forms - NYTimes.com.

From the New York Times:

ATHENS — In the wealthy, northern suburbs of this city, where summer temperatures often hit the high 90s, just 324 residents checked the box on their tax returns admitting that they owned pools.

That kind of wholesale lying about assets, and other eye-popping cases that are surfacing in the news media here, points to the staggering breadth of tax dodging that has long been a way of life here.

So tax investigators studied satellite photos of the area — a sprawling collection of expensive villas tucked behind tall gates — and came back with a decidedly different number: 16,974 pools.

Athenians declared taxes at a local office. Greek’s shadow economy represents 20 to 30 percent of its G.D.P.

This is the onshore equivalent of offshore abuse.

It's brought Greece to its knees.

Offshore seeks to bring the world economy to its knees.

It's why offshore is the common enemy of democratic states that want to ensure the well being of all who live in their jurisdictions.

And it's why all that is said in Douglas, St Helier, St Peter Port, Georgetown, Geneva, Zurich and beyond is nonsense. At its core offshore is a deliberate attempt to undermine the state as we know it. That's economic warfare. Which is why we have to respond in kind.

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