Just when you need a Labour party there is none in sight

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I long for a real Labour voice to slam this City-fearing trio | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | The Guardian .

Simon Jenkins has written in today's Guardian:

Same old problem. Just when you need a Labour party there is none in sight — and clearly not one in the coming election. On Monday eveningthe parties' three economic spokesmen went head to head and stroked each other to a draw. They nattered away like cleaning ladies over how to clear up after the great bankers' ball. There were smashed derivatives, defaulted swaps and toxic turds strewn everywhere — and who, they said, was going to pick up the £170bn bill?

None of them discussed whether the party should have been allowed in the first place. I suddenly craved some good old Labour blood and guts, an Arthur Scargill, a Tony Benn, a Michael Foot, a Nye Bevan, someone to shout in their faces: "You blew it! When those petrified, knock-kneed smoothies from the City came pleading for help, you caved in and gave them the people's money. You panicked, you bunch of creeps."

I'm sure he's not alone.

But let me also say why hgis wish may at present be forlorn. Step outside the accepted paradigm and I can assure you the whispering campaign against you is very powerful and very strong indeed.

I know. I'm well aware of the whispering campaign against me from big business, vested interests in academia and more besides. The Old Boy network - or maybe the New Money network, likes to have things all its own way. A real Labour politician would upset that.

Which is why we need the likes of Jon Cruddas to take a much more prominent role in the next parliament - a man who knows who he is and what he stands for. Far to few politicians have that insight.

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