Why is this man still allowed to practice?

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Judge criticises conduct of Portsmouth administrator | Portsmouth - Times Online .

As the Times reports, Andrew Andronikou is administrator of Portsmouth football club.

And in December 2008 during a court hearing it was ruled by a judge that

“Mr Andronikou’s conduct in these proceedings, particularly in relation to evidence filed by him on behalf [of Ahmed and his family], was manifestly inappropriate.” The judge also found that Andronikou “did fail to meet the standard to be expected of a reasonably competent insolvency practitioner”.

Three questions then:

1) Why is he still a partner at Hacker Young?

2) Why is he still licenced as an insolvency practitioner?

3) Why did the court not block his appointment at Portsmouth?

Sorry - but if I'd had such a ruling against me I'd expect all three questions to have been asked.

And so should society at large.