Creative industries to replace finance in Jersey?

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I loved this. Being polite (which he has never been about me) I think John Boothman a bufoon, but I note he agrees with me after years of saying I've got Jersey wrong:

THE Island should be looking to the creative industries to replace the finance industry in future, a former senior banker told an audience of business leaders this week.

Members of the Jersey branch of the Institute of Directors heard John Boothman say that action needed to be taken, as the finance industry would disappear at some point.

‘Finance will go the way of cider making and privateering,’ Mr Boothman said.

He's right of course.

I'm right that it's going to happen sooner than expected.

And I know Jersey won't be declaring UDI as some say it should on the back of film making.

It's been fun for the Isle of Man and Ireland. But let no one pretend this is Jersey's economic future. People cannot live on DVDs alone. Note least because Jersey is doing it's damnedest to undermine the viability of the market for them.