Labour and Tories neck and neck in marginals

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Labour and Tories neck and neck in marginals - Times Online .


As the First Post says:

Where has it all gone wrong for David Cameron? Considering the desperate record of the present government, the outcome of this spring's general election should be a foregone conclusion. But instead, it's the Conservatives and not Labour who are in disarray as a series of polls show their lead continuing to shrink — culminating in today's Populus survey for the Times which suggests the two parties are neck and neck in 100 key marginals where Tory strategists expected to be well ahead.

What seemed unthinkable a few months back - the re-election of Gordon Brown and Labour - now seems distinctly possible.

The Tories have got it very, very wrong for that to even be plausible at this stage.

And what all sensible people are asking is "if they can get things so wrong now, how badly can they go wrong when they've got power?"

The answer is obvious, of course.

I've never looked forward to an election so much, and with so much hope that no one wins - and that real reform from a coalition follows.

What real reform? Well, electoral reform, a Green New Deal, financial transaction taxes, banking reform, and tax justice would all be good for the UK.

Let's start with them.