No more free lunches

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No more free lunches.

My blog mentor, Dennis Howlett, is moving to a partly paid for approach to blogging.

Much of his content will be free.

Some value added will be paid for.

As he says:

That’s taught me a lesson: see, hear, enjoy, consume‚Ķbut think. That doesn’t always make me popular. But then I’m not doing this to be popular but because my true passion is value delivery.

I sense that despite this being the worst recession in living memory, and with the real prospect of a double dip, the time is right for me to up the stakes in value delivery. But it cannot be free forever. We all have to eat. We all have to provide. I am no different and am certainly not one of those people who has a secret stash that give me the luxury of not having to earn something along the way.

I think Dennis is right in his main market. He's one of the world's leading bloggers on accounting systems and the internet.

He has over 5,000 Twitter followers.

He has real influence in a paid for market.

My suspicion is that the change will work.

Right now it's not a direction of travel I'm taking.

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