HMRC plans crackdown on 90-day tax exiles

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Labour plans crackdown on 90-day tax exiles like Mick Jagger and Jenson Button | Business | The First Post.

Gordon Brown's government is set to crack down on Britain's super-rich tax exiles, demanding they submit to a "statutory residency test" to prove they have truly cut their ties to Britain. The new rules, says the Guardian, could upset many of the country's wealthiest business figures and celebrities, such as the property-owning Candy brothers who commute from Monaco, EMI boss Guy Hands who lives in Guernsey, and the Barclay brothers, who own the Daily Telegraph but live on the tiny Channel Island of Sark.

Good news if true.

Better news still if the Tories agreed.

And let's be candid - ho are they going to disagree?

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