Universities need a Green New Deal

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The Guardian reports:

Scores of university halls of residences and lecture theatres in the UK were judged "at serious risk of major failure or breakdown" and "unfit for purpose", a secret database obtained after a legal battle by the Guardian reveals.

Some of the most popular, high-ranking institutions, such as the London School of Economics, had 41% of their lecture theatres and classrooms deemed unsuitable for current use, while Imperial College London had 12% of its non-residential buildings branded "inoperable". At City University, 41% of the student digs were judged unfit for purpose.

This is exactly the sort of issue that the Green New Deal was designed to address.There’s a real need; there’s a revenue stream from students and fees; there are people available to do the work; there’s a wall of pension money needing a safe place to invest in long term sustainable projects that can pay a return between now and the time people retire — including the time today’s students retire. Bonds suit that job perfectly. We need to get this going now. 

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