Isle of Man schools ‘won’t be hit by cuts’

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Schools 'won't be hit by cuts' - Isle of Man Today .

The fantasy world of the Isle of Man marches on:

A NATIONAL Union of Teachers chief has told parents and teachers that she expects the Island's schools to remain unaffected by the VAT crisis.
Following a two-day visit to the Island, NUT vice president Gill Goodswen said she would like to see education come before bureaucratic box-ticking.

Mrs Goodswen said she received an assurance from Education Minister Anne Craine that she 'wouldn't notice any difference to the Island's education service at next year's visit' as a result of the VAT crisis — particularly in regards to redundancies or class sizes'.

That may have been what was said - but it's also not possible.
The Isle of Man cannot maintain OECD level spending - which its people clearly want - without OECD level tax.
Time to decide for the Isle of Man - to get rid of the finance industry and its abuse that is and have the quality of life the people of the Isle of Man desire. The reality is they can't have both.

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