Swiss still back bank secrecy – but only just

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AFP: Swiss still back bank secrecy: poll.

According to news reports:

A majority of Swiss people remain in favour of retaining the country's long-cherished tradition of bank secrecy despite growing international pressure for greater transparency, a poll showed Sunday.

"The Swiss are not ready to give up their banking secrecy," the Matin Dimanche newspaper said as it published a survey showing 62 percent opposed to any change.

Some 55 percent of those polled by Matin Dimanche said they opposed the automatic exchange of information about foreign account holders for tax purposes.

I think that's astonishing.

45% agree to automatic information exchange : fantastic! I'd say hat's pretty incredible right now given the speed at which change has been taking place.

The conclusion on the direction of travel is obvious: given time the Swiss will give this up.

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