All but PWC in the Big 4 give up on country-by-country reporting

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Only one Big Four firm produces UK annual report - Accountancy Age.

The Age asks:

Should the UK's biggest firms set an example to their clients by producing a UK focused annual report?

The question arises after Deloitte said it will no longer produce a UK report. Instead the Big Four firm will focus on its audit transparency report and corporate social responsibility document, as well as flag up UK performance in Deloitte’s global annual report.

Dropping the UK annual report has become the thing to do among the biggest firms, as Deloitte joins Ernst & Young, which now only includes figures in a global annual report; and KPMG, which provides a European and global report.

This leaves PwC as the only Big Four firm to continue producing a UK-only annual report

Those driopping the report say this is becasue their legal structure has changed. So what? Has their accountability?

At a time when country-by-country reporting is on the agenda as never before the profession shows just where it stands - as far way from transparency as possible.

I seriously wonder when the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and similar bodies will be renamed the Institute of Chartered Opacitors in England and Wales.

NB I claim opacitors as a new word!

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