The problem of being non-resident – another case for Millionaire Aid

Posted on / Media - Hands’ dilemma as Citi seeks court move.

The FT notes:

Guy Hands may face a dilemma over his tax planning if Citigroup succeeds in moving its legal dispute with his private equity group Terra Firma from New York to London.

What's the problem? Well, Guy Hands is one of those rather sad (in my opinion) people who claims to have left the UK for tax reasons and as a result he has apparently not been here since March 2009 for that reason.

If the case is in London he'll have to appear. And this creates considerable risk that his claim to be non-resident - one he clearly considers problematic because he's seeking to sustain it by complete absence - will fall apart.

Oh dear! It's so hard avoiding tax. How unfair that the legal system rebounds on him so unfortunately.

Another case for Millionaire Aid, it seems to me.

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