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This death-wish brigade will let Brown crash his party | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian .

From today's Guardian:

Cancel new year, put back the clocks and forget the fireworks. There is nothing to celebrate in the dismal year ahead. The Labour party is sledging down a black run, eyes tight shut, the only certainty the electoral wall at the bottom of the hill.

This is Polly on familiar theme: the tragedy of Brown. So his her last paragraph:

The unions are still powerful Labour kingmakers: failure to reform party funding was another great Blair dereliction. Until now the unions have been Brown's praetorians, whipped in by Charlie Whelan. But it's time union leaders asked themselves if it's in their members' interests to see Labour crash out under Brown. The cabinet is frozen by individual self-interest — shame on all of them. They want Brown gone, but none dares wield the knife without the others. Future contenders be warned: those who fail their party now may face stern questions about their leadership qualities in any future contest. The country doesn't much like the Conservatives, but voters will throw Gordon Brown out — unless Labour does first.

So where's the clue? In the penultimate pargraph, I think:

The Blairites raise up illusory spooks of an old left. True, the party in the country is somewhat to the left of the cabinet — but Compass and Jon Cruddas are hardly a Militant resurgence. As for the charge that "class war" is a loser — polls show the last-minute tax on bankers' bonuses and the tardy 50% tax rate on top earnings are the most unequivocally popular things Labour has done in years. It is not "class war" to point out that all Cameron's tax plans benefit the very richest: it's true and it's a Tory own goal.

She's right about Compass: I know Compass quite well having written for them. Neither they or Jon Cruddas, who I know a bit, are anything but true social democrats.

Is this their moment?

Is that what Polly is saying?

This election is not over yet.

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