A message to the Bishop of the Isle of Man: tax is the answer

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I note the Bishop of the Isle of Man has issued a new year statement which is reported as follows:

Bishop Robert is calling on the whole community in the Isle of Man to work together, to weather what he fears will be a very difficult year.

In his new year's message, he says he's deeply concerned about the impact the loss of government revenue, due to the new VAT deal with the United Kingdom, will have on many Manx people.

Bishop Robert says those with the least to start with will probably suffer most when cuts are made in public spending, and he is hoping for tolerance all round, as painful decisions are made.

He hopes the Island's well-known community spirit will continue to flourish

He should have mentioned the simple solution to the Isle of Man’s problems: it should raise taxes.

The place is very under taxed and yet wants public services.

The equation is easily squared but the stranglehold of the finance industry will, if it continues, drive the poor of the island to desperate poverty. That’s what offshore finance does: it imposes cost on the poor to benefit the rich. The Bishop should have said so. It was his Christian duty to say so. I hope he does so in future.

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