Revised comments policy

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The comments policy of this bog has been revised.

The addition is items 6 and 7 in the following:

For a comment to be published I must be satisfied that:

1. It is legal;

2. It is polite;

3. It includes an argument that adds value to readers;

4. It appears factually accurate;

5. That the commentator is genuine;

6. It is not promoting an opinion usually associated with the far right political fringes (for these purposes the UK Independence Party and beyond within the UK domestic environment);

7. It is not posted by a person I consider to be usually associated with the far right of the political spectrum.

There are three good reasons for this change in policy:

  1. People tell me they are bored with the contributions of those from the far right and they spoil enjoyment of this blog and of 95% of all blogs they want to read. These comments do not, therefore, add value to this site;
  2. I do not think it my job to provide these people with a platform;
  3. I no longer have the time to rebut their comments, as I feel compelled to do if they are on this blog. I have too much more urgent and important work to do than engage with those of closed mind who wish to undermine society.