One report – two very different reactions

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The Guernsey Press reaction to the Foot Report:

GUERNSEY has been told to tax islanders more in a report commissioned by Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling.

The Foot Review, while largely positive for the island, will also be seen as further evidence of a UK Treasury with the islands firmly in its gaze.

The Jersey Evening Post reaction:

JERSEY’S finance industry has been given another welcome boost by the Foot Review, according to the head of the finance industry marketing body.

Geoff Cook, the chief executive of Jersey Finance, says that the independent report published yesterday is another endorsement of the Island’s regulatory standards.

Two islands, one publisher of both papers, two very different reactions.

As usual, Jersey has it most wrong. And neither offers any critical analysis, or any perception that the world view they promote is failing fast.

Foot’s told them the future will be tough: it will be much tougher than they think is my forecast.

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