Isle fo Man Customs deal still a secret

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Customs deal still a secret - Isle of Man Today .

From Isle of Man Today:

DETAILS of the Island's revenue sharing arrangements within the Customs agreement with the UK have never been made public.
It is perhaps the secret nature of the deal that has fuelled claims by the Island's most ardent critics, most notably Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network, that it effectively provides us with a £230 million subsidy from the UK.

Mr Murphy, jubilant that we are to lose £140 million, nevertheless believes that a subsidy remains.

The Manx authorities vigorously deny that the revenue sharing arrangement ever constituted a subsidy.

Chief Minister Tony Brown said: 'It's never been a subsidy but it has been a very important agreement to the Isle of Man.'

'We've had no payments over and above what's agreed in the sharing mechanism,' Treasury Minister Allan Bell told a press conference 10 days ago.

Whether a subsidy or not, the sharing mechanism has proved a major revenue stream, contributing about £339 million each year — that's nearly 60 per cent of the government's annual income of £572 million.

Yes, a long quote - but if they can print my picture without permission I can borrow their text.
And I'm not jubilant: I am saying I have been proven right.
And I am saying three other things:
1) There was a subisidy - any argument otherwise is nicely called poppycock
2) Manx politicians did their island a great disservice by denying this
3) This problem is soluable - it just requires tax to be paid at reasonable rates by Manx people on their incomes - which are higher than those in the UK
So smell the coffee is my message - vote your politicians who misled you out of office - and come to terms with tax. That's not a jubilant message to the Isle of Man - it's a realistic one.
And the £140 million has a better use in the UK - by far. That's also a realistic message as well.

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