Jersey suicides 60% more than UK

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SUICIDE rates in Jersey are more than 60 per cent higher than in England, worrying new figures have revealed.

The number of Islanders taking their own lives has increased steadily since 2005 — with a sharp rise in suicides last year. Sixteen Islanders committed suicide last year, compared to a previous average of about ten.

Mental health services are now being reviewed and improved and a major programme to help health professionals detect and treat those with psychological problems is being rolled out.

Dr Rosemary Geller, Jersey’s Medical Officer of Health, said: ‘The number of suicides has been increasing over recent years and we saw a big rise in 2008. We are now studying the figures closely and examining what needs to be done to bring down the number of Islanders committing suicide.’

Well if you removed the oppression, abuse, secrecy, debased value system based wholly on money, the massive income divide, the feeling that Jersey people are alienated from the place where they were born and a bit more like that I think you'll find it will help.

This isn't rocket science: it's a glaringly obvious sign that the culture of secrecy jurisdictions abuses the human spirit.

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