It’s always been politics

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Spot the trend:

  • G20
  • ‘Maundy Thursday letters’ to Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories
  • Turks & Caicos taken over
  • Cayman told to tax in return for permission to borrow
  • Isle of Man told VAT subsidy to be reduced
  • UK refuses to support ‘zero/ten’ regimes in the Crown Dependencies

These are not unconnected events. They show that the tax havens have always, and only, existed with tacit political support.

And it seems very likely that London has now withdrawn that support.

This is the really big news.

How big? well my blog as already (and it’s only 6.50pm) had its third biggest ever day of traffic. It’s a crude guide — but it certainly says something is up — and people are worried.

They should be. The next step is what to do about it. Some may think my offer if help is not serious — but it is. I have proven I really o understand this issue. Now it’s time to get these places out of the mess they’re in. And I’m keen to see them do that.

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