Isle of Man: VAT will have significant impact, hopefully on the Chief Minister

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Manx Radio has just announced:

The Chief Minister has warned a revision of the VAT sharing agreement will have a significant impact on the Isle of Man, but stresses we are equipped to deal with it.

Tony Brown says while the subject is still under discussion it’s not possible to establish what the full repercussions for the Island will be.

Tynwald members attended a briefing earlier today (Wednesday) amidst concern the Island could be forced to revise the Customs revenue sharing deal it has with the United Kingdom, which currently provides more than half of the Manx government’s income.

I draw attention to my comments on the reliability of announcements by Chief Ministers and then add three additional comments. First, there seems to be no denial that the UK can do this. Second, there seems to be no denial that there might be some mistake — that the Isle of Man is rightfully owed this sum and therefore challenge will be made. Third, all the evidence that is needed that the Isle of Man have always known they were subsidised — whilst vehemently saying I was wrong on this matter - is clearly now available.

So I go back and draw attention to what Chief Minsters do. How can there have been such persistent denials of there being a subsidy if it is now clearly true that there is one without someone, somewhere not telling the truth?

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