The Tories and the SS sympathisers

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This is from today’s Guardian editorial:

There are some events in history about which there can be no ifs or buts. The Latvian volunteer militias in 1941 were so zealous in murdering Jews that by 1943 they had not only killed nearly all of Latvia's 70,000 Jewish community, they had also slaughtered 20,000 Jews from central Europe who had been deported to Riga, and tens of thousands of Jews in Belarus. The veterans of these volunteer units formed the backbone of the 12th and 19th Latvian Waffen-SS divisions. The annual unofficial parade in Riga honouring these veterans is the national disgrace of an independent Latvia, and an international stain on Nato and the EU to which the Baltic state now belongs. No ifs, no buts.

The Tories EU allies celebrate those who did this. Fact. Unambiguous.

Some here have questioned whether this is serious. Of course it isn’t if you’re anti-semitic, and a holocaust denier. Otherwise this is of the greatest consequence. As the Guardian notes:

This issue will not die a media death. It will resurface every time Mr Kaminski gets to his feet in the European parliament. It will haunt Mr Cameron every time the Tories open their mouths about the EU, an organisation fashioned to make sure Europe never again repeats the events of 1939-45. Beyond the events themselves, the arguments the Tories are marshalling in defence, especially in the Latvian case, are troubling. They were conscripts, they were faced with Hobson's choice, they were only fighting for their country. Sound familiar? Is Holocaust revisionism really part of Mr Cameron's vision of modern conservatism?

Wait for the writs to fly: I wonder if the Tories are talking to Carter Ruck right now and I’m sure that firm will be only too happy to assist.

But in the real world there is no one, not one person, who should be saying this isn’t an enormous issue. It shows the Tories are unfit to govern. No one is safe when holocaust revisionists get power.