Tory mayor financed by hedge funds

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Boris Johnson accused over hedge funds' election donations | Politics | .

Boris Johnson, who is leading the fight against a European crackdown on City financiers, faced accusations of being "bought off" today, when it emerged that more than half the money donated to his mayoral campaign came from the financial sector including hedge funds and private equity

Unsurprising but also revealing the complete hypocrisy of the Tories when they seek to limit union funding of the Labour Party.

It is obvious the need now is for state funding of political parties. This is what will preserve democracy. I note in this context the follwoing comment:

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, the former Danish prime minister said: "Hedge funds are buying off the Tories and Boris Johnson, which shows that they want to remain above the law. This will reinforce democratic efforts to introduce better regulation in the wake of the financial crisis."

I am sure this is true, and that if the Tories get in the pressure on London will be enormous. After all, when they choose to ally with neo-Nazis in Europe what friends will they have?