Taxpayers’ Alliance director is not alone in benefitting from the EU

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Taxpayers' Alliance admits director doesn't pay British tax | Politics | The Guardian .

The Guardian does an appropriate and timely hatchet job on my friends in the Taxpayer's Alliance, and notes along the way that:

The Guardian has learned that Alexander Heath, a director of the increasingly influential free market, rightwing lobby group, lives in a farmhouse in the Loire and has not paid British tax for years.

For years, read 1973 - the year the UK joined the EU, which allowed Heath to move to France.

But he's not alone in seeking to influence the UK from the far right whilst living far away. Note that the Wikipedia entry for Tim Worstall says:

Since September 2007, Worstall has been the press officer for the UK Independence Party.

He lives in Portugal with his wife.

I guess that's one form of independence from the UK, Rather odd though that Worstall only has the right to live in Portugal becasue the UK is a member of the EU.

What is it about the Euro-hating tax bashers that makes them want to live in the EU? Could it be that they're just a bunch of hypocrites after all? Surely not?

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