Cameron: ignorant, dogmatic, or both

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This is from Martin Kettle in the Guardian:

Cameron's speech confirmed the sense of direction signalled by Osborne. It is clear that the cuts programme would start on day one. "It's the waiting that's the problem," he announced. "The longer we wait the more we waste." Ideologically, though, Cameron's speech went even further. Running through it, like the lettering in a stick of rock, was an attack not just on big government, but government itself.

"It is more government that got us into this mess," Cameron said. "Why is our economy broken? Not just because Labour wrongly thought they'd abolished boom and bust. But because government got too big, did too much and doubled the national debt." When Britain was in recovery, he said in his peroration, it would not be because of government or ministers, but because "you made it happen".

This was a revelatory political moment. Does anyone else in the economically developed world believe that the financial crisis has all been the fault of government? Or that the recovery, when it happens, will have nothing to do with ministers' actions? It is hard to believe that the word "market" did not appear anywhere in Cameron's hour-long speech, but it didn't. Nor was there anything about the banks. This is ignorant or dogmatic — or both. Either way, it raises a massive question about Cameron's claims to lead the country.

Staggering that a crisis created by too little government allowing markets to abuse us all is now blamed wholly on government when, just before the failure happened, Cameron and Osborne were arguing for less regulation that could only have made the crisis worse.

I hate the lies inherent in this. And yes, I use that word again, deliberately.

Do you want a man so blinded by ideology, so willing to lie, so palpably willing to ignore where the blame really lies to lead this country?

I don’t.

I don’t like much of what Labour has done, and not done.

I don’t like the direction in which Clegg is taking the Lib Dems.

But Cameron is worse. And in all it’s a sorry tale.

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