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Ben Bradshaw blasts Radio 4's Today programme | Media | guardian.co.uk

The culture secretary, Ben Bradshaw, has attacked BBC Radio 4's Today programme, accusing it of running a "feeble and biased" interview with shadow chancellor George Osborne this morning.

Today presenter Evan Davis conducted this morning's interview with Osborne, which Osborne used to explain why he had used yesterday's speech at the Conservative party conference to outline unpopular measures, including raising the retirement age earlier than is currently being proposed.

"Whoever wins the election is going to have to take these choices ... Whoever tells you otherwise is, frankly, lying to you," he said.

Bradshaw is absolutely right on this. Davis is feeble: if he knows anything about economics at all he persistently fails to show it.

The reality is that the likes of Davis have allowed Osborne to promote the agenda that cuts are the only way out of the current recession. They are not. Far from it. As any Keynesian knows - the reality is that when we have less than full employment (and surely even Osborne would agree that is what we have) then government spending pays for itself as a result of the multiplier effect and as such the best way out of this recession is additional government spending.

So the liar is Osborne. And Davis failed miserably to hold him to account for the lie. Shame on him.

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