Tories vow to cut NHS bureaucracy by a third

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Tories vow to cut NHS bureaucracy by a third | Politics | .

It's reported that:

Addressing the Conservative conference in Manchester, Lansley will say: "Labour have made expensive commitments on the NHS with no price tag. In contrast, we are determined to identify how we will save money before we spend it.

"To make the NHS successful we must devolve decision-making closer to patients. In doing so we'll save substantial sums of money.

Let's interpret that: doctors (who almost without exception have no management training at all) will manage massive budgets with no time allocated to do so.

Now tell me how that is meant to save money or enhance efficiency when - with the greatest of respect to doctors - they have no clue how to manage big budgets?

And how are doctors going to do this work and tjeir front line work when most work 11 hour days or more now?

This is traightforward madness.

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