Cut NHS costs to pay off debt, IMF warns Britain

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Cut NHS costs to pay off debt, IMF warns Britain | Politics | The Guardian

Britain was served notice by the International Monetary Fund today that reforms to healthcare and pensions will be needed to repair the long-term damage to public finances caused by the global recession.

Of course the IMF says that. It is still wedded to the dsastrous Washington consensus which has devasted so muh of the developuing world and its capacity to tax.

The surest indication is that if the IMF says that we need to do the exact opposite. The policies of those at the IMF got us into this mess and they certainly will not get us out of it.

Nor will the people of the UK accept them. Note this slide show of current public opinion on this issue. People do not believe cuts are the way out of this - and rightly so - largely because they understand a lot more than the autistic economists at the IMF.

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