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This one came to Tax Justice Network. I’m happy to publicise it:

I'd like to share the news about Chapman University School of Law's new Appellate Tax Advocacy Clinic.  This is a joint venture between Chapman and the non-profit Center for the Fair Administration of Tax whereby senior law students (under supervision of attorney-professors) may participate in research, writing and - potentially - oral arguments of amicus curie briefs in appeals cases that involve novel or complex tax issues.  It's Chapman's third tax-specific clinical course.

Because this is a new clinic, we are actively seeking unique cases.  If you learn of any interesting appellate work with complex tax
ramifications - anywhere in the country - we'd love to hear about it.

We do not represent litigants, as you know, that's not what friend-of-the-court briefs are for.

A news release is attached and inserted below that you may freely use if you'd like to share this with your blog readers or keep it for future reference.

George Willis,
Assoc. Clinical Professor
Chapman University School of Law
One University Dr.
Orange, CA 92866

This is the brief:

RANGE, Calif., September 30, 2009 - Chapman University School of Law and the non-profit Center for the Fair Administration of Tax ("CFAT") have announced their jointly sponsored Appellate Tax Advocacy Clinic. It is the first such clinical program in the nation. Under the supervision of experienced attorney-professors, senior law students research and write amicus curie briefs for submission to appellate courts and other tribunals that consider tax-related cases. Depending on the tribunal and the nature of the case, students may also have the opportunity to participate in oral arguments. The clinic started in early 2009, and we have already filed two briefs.

"Appeals cases with tax ramifications can occur before many courts and tribunals that do not necessarily specialize in tax matters," explains A. Lavar Taylor, Adjunct Professor and Director of CFAT.  "Even courts and tribunals with experience in handling tax cases can benefit from amicus briefs which offer a perspective that is not identical to the perspectives offered by either litigant. Our program seeks to promote fairness in the administration of the tax laws to taxpayers as whole."

Interested parties involved in appellate tax litigation may contact Chapman or CFAT to determine if their case involves sufficiently unique issues to qualify for the clinic's services.  CFAT is a non-partisan, non-profit organization.

"The Appellate Tax Advocacy Clinic is the third tax law clinic to operate at Chapman and builds on our existing strengths," says Frank J.
Doti, Director of the Chapman's Tax Law Program.  "Clearly, there is an historical culture of tax law at Chapman."

If you would like to learn more about the Appellate Tax Law Clinic at Chapman or the Center for the Fair Administration of Tax, contact Betty Reich at (714) 628-2535.