The bravest man I’ve ever met – again

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Two years ago I wrote a blog about the bravest man I’d ever met. I didn’t name him then. I won’t now.

I said then:

[T]he bravest man I’ve ever met [is] from an African country: he described the real success his country is having in tackling corruption. Then he said, rather quietly, that:

“We’ve lost come colleagues in the last year.”

and added

“I mean, they were killed.”

The risk that these people take to pursue corruption is staggering.

Since then he’s been sacked for challenging his own politicians.

He ahs survived an assassination attempt.

He lives in exile in the UK. Which is better than I expected last time we met. I never thought I’d see him alive again.

And he says we have to challenge fraud in Africa in one way: put those who are corruption in our prisons using our laws.

That will take courage. But nothing like as much courage as he has.