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I see Reuters has put out the following:

The current global financial crisis marks a rare moment when the interests of developing and developed
countries are closely aligned.  This two-day, forward-looking conference will feature presentations and panel-discussions from experts in the fields of
economics, international development, tax policy, and global finance on how a common approach to greater financial transparency is critical in the
post-global-crisis world economy.

Confirmed Speakers:

    --  Senator Carl Levin,
    --  Paul Collier,
    --  Francis Fukuyama,
    --  Jack Blum,
    --  Marty Sullivan,
    --  James Boyce,
    --  Richard Murphy,

    --  And many more.

Topics to be discussed will include: 

    --  Multinational corporation country-by-country reporting of income and tax,
    --  disclosure of beneficial ownership by multinational corporations,
    --  automatic exchange of tax information,
    --  curtailment of trade mispricing,
    --  harmonization of predicate offenses for anti-money-laundering cases,
    --  how bank secrecy and other forms of financial opacity undermine economic development in poor countries,
    --  strategies for increasing transparency and accountability in the global financial system.

Please RSVP by September 9th to rsvp@financialtaskforce.org or Kristi Clough at +1 (202) 293-0740.

To request an advance agenda for the conference or schedule an interview with conference speakers contact Monique Perry Danziger at 202-293-0740 or email

Space is limited and will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

So now you know where I am next week.

Actually, I’m presenting a paper at the World Bank on Monday as well. So it’s a whole week in DC.

And for those who jump up and down about my air miles — I asked to do to it by video link and I was told  “no”.

But if the blog is quieter than normal — you’ll know why.