Dangerously anti-democratic

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David Cameron plans big cuts in ministers pay if Tories win election | Politics | The Guardian .

Democracy is not just about access to voting, it's also about having the right candidates to vote for.

The Conservatives are already planning to cut the number of parliamentary seats, first to deny choice (which seems starngely at odds with their beleif in this particular agenda) and secondly to deny Labour seats (which is simply corrupt) and now they announce they want to cut ministerial pay.

One could say politics is a vocation. Let's be honest, no one pays me to write this blog. But there's also not a shadow of doubt that we want the best people in parliament and as ministers and candidly if the government thinks top civil servants are worth more than £125,000 a year then so are top ministers.

No, I'm not asking for a pay free-for all. I don't see why anyone on the public payroll need earn more than £200,000 a year - and few should reach that height, but cutting pay for ministers is a clear sign of what Cameron wants - a parliament of old Etonians with private incomes and lobby fodder of young political geeks who will do as they're told.

After all, at 27 (as the newest Tory MP is) an MP's pay is in the stratosphere. For a head teacher, GP, or senior manager MP's pay excludes them from office if they also have family commitments that have been assumed at their previous reward level.

I want good people in parliament. It's clear the Tories do not.