Tax and the Left

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I have an article under the above title on the Demos Open Left site this morning.

I argue:

Tax is at the core of the Left’s agenda. If there is one quality that defines the Left it should be equality. The market cannot and does not by itself deliver anything approaching equality; government intervention is required to do that and this is the reason for left-wing intervention in the political process.

What does equality mean in terms of tax?

1. Increased equality of post tax incomes;

2. Reduced wealth disparities;

3. Equality of tax paid at a fixed level of income, irrespective of income source;

4. Steadily increasing progressivity of taxation across the income and wealth ranges;

5. Steadily reducing access to tax planning opportunities as income rises.

This issue is at the core of Open left’s concern for these reasons.

And redistribution is, I argue, at the core of the equality debate whilst tax is at the centre of the political divide.

For these reasons the Left ignores tax at its peril — and when talking tax has to make clear it will charge progressive tax that reduces the burden on the vast majority at the expense of the few.

To read the argument — go to the Demos blog.