The UK is not Tescos

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The Sun reports:

DAVID Cameron last night promised to run Britain like Tesco if he wins the general election.

The Tory leader said he will slash public spending in the same manner that supermarkets cut prices.

And that would mean a better deal for hard-working families.

Mr Cameron said: "In the situation we will face if we win the election, a budget deficit of maybe 14 per cent, we must find ways to cut public spending in a way that can make our public services better and stronger.

"Sainsbury's and Tesco, don't think to themselves the reduction of costs, which they do on a permanent basis, is going to make their service worse.

"They say it's going to make their service to their customers better. We need that thinking."

This is complete nonsense.

I’ve dealt with the poverty of thinking inherent in this comment here. But Cameron clearly does not understand the difference between running an economy and running a country. Worse, he’s using Thatcher’s grocer metaphor. It’s very scary.