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Attracting new clients: what’s wrong with this? | AccMan .

Dennis Howlett, rightly, has a go at some marketing spiel on Accountgweb on this theme.

My comment:


There's one way to sell as an accountant

You have to realise you don't sell accountancy or tax - you sell alleviation from fear

Your job is to reduce stress - that's it

When you realise people are shit scared of numbers, and tax, you are on their wavelength, talk their language and give them what they want - which means answering their questions directly, straightforwardly, positively, quickly and in a fashion that ensures they feel they can cope

That's it

The rest is just technical crap for us in the profession


I've sold a lot of accountancy and tax services over more than 25 years to a lot of people. That's my accumulated learning

The problem is in the delivery: most people can't do it

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