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Yesterday I wrote a blog in response to an article in the Daily Mail, which for those not familiar with it is a horribly confused UK newspaper circulating more than 2 million copies daily mainly to fairly small minded middle class types of conservative outlook (large and small C).

It’s a deeply confused paper. It publishes some quite nasty columnists — and regularly swipes at pillars of UK society and yet considers it a supporter of that society. It also hates government cuts and yet tax. It’s all for being polite — except to those of left wing persuasion. It hates all immigrants, unless they are rich. It hates working women unless they are pretty. I hope you get the idea.

The article I commented on was drivel — basically pure venom aimed at the mildly left of centre Guardian and the fact that the BBC does offer left wing opinion as well as right — as it is required to do by law (but which the Mail greatly resents).

The response was, as usual, fast and in about 50% of cases unpostable — because I will not reproduce the coarse comments these people who preach liberty through fear like to contribute.

Those that got on were pretty stupid: I could not find an argument in one. Tim Worstall posted three blogs on me in an afternoon — nice of him — but all utterly unintelligible playing solely to his thuggish following

This is the reality of the Right — challenge the Daily Mail and you get threatened — by the right wing thuggery

And many those who will make up the next intake of Tory MPs come from this type of far-right thinking

It’s very, very worrying for liberty — true liberty that is.

Which is why it’s worth speaking out now. Because life is going to be very horrible indeed for a great many people — poor, gay, single parents, women, parents of young children — if the Tories get into office and cut as the Institute of Fiscal Studies is urging them to do.

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