What is financial transparency?

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I guessed those of us working for tax justice knew the answer to the above question. But when coming face to face with arguments from Tony Travers of the Cayman Islands, who is currently tramping round the world arguing Cayman is a stable, transparent, tax neutral jurisdiction — all of which I dispute — I realised the issue needed more attention.

Mr Travers seems to reluctant to debate the issue but others in his home jurisdiction seem a little more broad minded, and so I have written a piece tackling this important issue in, of all places, the Cayman Financial Review. Thanks to Tim Ridley for inviting me to do so.

The article can be found on their web site here (start page 47), but may be easier to read as this downloadable PDF.

I hope Mr Travers rises to the challenge and offers his opinion in response to the suggestions I have made, which suggest hiss own claim is far removed from reality.

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