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From the London Review of Books:

There was an awfully genteel protest organised by the Tax Justice Network in Jersey earlier this year. The TJN had joined up with a group of Jersey campaigners who would like the island to wean itself off its dependence on the more creative aspects of modern finance.

Fittingly, perhaps, the protest was polite: a public meeting on the Thursday evening, to be followed by a ‘guided tour’ of St Helier the following morning which would stop at all the major international banks that have set up shop there. The local police and media were very concerned about the promenade protest — financial workers had reportedly been warned ‘not to dress like bankers’ — but the walking tour gave little cause for alarm. The Jersey police were bemused to see the hooligans waiting for the light to turn green before crossing the road.

What would you expect? We promote law abidance!

But the article also gets to the heart of the issue.

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