Jersey: unable to see a scandal when it stares it in the face

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The Guardian has reported that:

Sir Philip Bailhache (who acts as the speaker in parliament) complained in his annual Liberation Day speech that many journalists continued to write about the island's "so-called child abuse scandal. All child abuse ... is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal," he said.

Now, as it has also reported:

What next for the inquiry? Many victims are fearful what will happen when Harper has left the island, though police insist they will continue striving for prosecutions. Last week Labour backbencher Austin
Mitchell and Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, urged Jack Straw, the justice secretary, to step in to ensure an independent inquiry into the abuse claims. But this seems unlikely. Jersey's attorney general,
William Bailhache QC, does not seem keen. The crown could step in, he said this week, but "it's not happened in 800 years - so why should it happen now?"

But of course that is what he would say. This is also the man who has, with his brother, lead the Jersey inquiry into breaking away from the UK and becoming fully independent.

Why would he want to do that I wonder? Is it to stop UK coppers pursuing crime in Jersey in a fashion the Jersey establishment does not like? As the Guardian has again noted:

Six people have been arrested and three, including a former warden, have been charged with child abuse offences and appeared in court. Three others have been released on bail pending further inquiries - to
the immense frustration of the police, who were confident there was enough evidence to charge them.

Why haven't those three been charged? Well, it's not the police who charge in Jersey. Centeniers do that. They are elected by parishes, and in these elections, as with those for parish constables, the establishment always wins. Friends of Sir Philip Bailhache in other words. And they refused to charge even though the police were entirely happy there were cases against those three people.

Why was that, I wonder?

I don't know. But what I am sure of, and I am sure the Guardian journalist is sure about is this: the Jersey establishment is rotten to the core, and not just on this issue.

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