The tax debate

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I like this:

Our national debate on tax, such as it is, suffers from "experts" who typically know little to nothing of the history, practical rationale, moral basis, or economic benefits of tax. Their expertise is in delivering memorized talking points, not imparting understanding.

It's true: the fact that it was written of the USA is beside the point. This is an occasion when the translation is perfect.

It was written by David Cay Johnston who is starting a new column for Tax Notes in the US and quoted on the invaluable Tax Prof Blog.

As Johnston says:

The purpose of this column is to challenge and provoke readers, to stimulate them to think deeply about how we distribute the burdens and the benefits of government. The hope is to encourage the reader to question what he believes and to ponder what could be, whether it is thinking inside the box or out, but never just checking the box.

That's not a bad summary of what I'm trying to do as well. It so happens that Johnston comes from a broadly similar position. And any man who can call the Centre for Freedom and Prosperity the ' tax cheats lobby' as my vote. He did in his book ' Perfectly Legal'.