What I’d have liked on the new tax return

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HM Revenue & Customs have sent out a book to all tax advisers detailing the first major changes in the design of the UK tax return for ten years.

There's one change I would have really liked. I'd have loved to have seen boxes added that would have required the identity of the five biggest customers of each self employed person submitting a tax return to have been disclosed unless the customer in question comprised less than 5% of the total turnover for the year. I'd have added the same box to corporate tax returns as well.

Why? Because nothing I can think of would weed out information on those who are in disguised employment than this would have done. This abuse needs to be stopped. That's one reason.

There's another reason as well. Most tax fraud is in the top line on small business accounts. Requiring more detailed disclosure on this information would help identify where this might be happening.

And please don't say this would be an additional burden on business. Knowing who your top five customers are is vital business information. Any business would benefit by knowing this if it does not already.