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Courtesy of Dennis Howlett, I discovered a new service that might be useful to readers of this blog. It's called Odiogo and converts the text I write to speech.

At the top of each post you'll see a small button called 'Listen Now.' When clicked you can listen to what was written instead of reading, and you can send the output to iTunes or another MP3 player. I have also included a subscription button which is at the bottom right hand side of the sidebar. That way you can receive posts as a podcast if you want.

The text-to-speech 'translation is near perfect. The tone and intonation is a bit electronic, so it's not quite 'human.' It also contains a six second advert for the service at the beginning of each segment but I can live with that. If in future it includes paid for advertising then I will drop it.

For now this is an experiment - let me know what you think.