The Isle of Man cannot comment on why it does not comply with the EU Code of Conduct

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I have tried to get a straight answer from the Isle of Man on whether their 0 / 10 tax legislations has been approved by the EU Code of Conduct on Business Taxation group. I asked:

Has the IoM's version of 0/10 legislation been approved in full by the EC Code of Conduct group, or not?

I have been told they cannot tell me, but that it won't be long before everything is made clear in a public and transparent manner.

Let's be honest. The answers to my question where either "yes" or "we're not telling you", which means no.

I think we can be quite confident now that the Isle of Man has failed to get EU backing for its tax legislation. In other words, it is still pursuing harmful tax practices a decade after this initiative started.

So much for the commitment to progress made by the havens.


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