The garbage some accountants utter

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Take this from George Bull, head of tax at accountants and business advisors Baker Tilly in the Guardian this morning when discussing the new non-dom rule:

Labour's flat rate £30,000 seems to apply to non-domiciles who have been resident in the UK for seven years. This means that long-term foreign workers - doctors and nurses as well as business expatriates - could find themselves asked to pay up in only two years time.

What a load of rubbish.. Of course they won't be paying up. They'll be paying tax on their world wide income - as everyone who lives here should. That, very obviously will be cheaper option for the vast majority of them.

Does anyone actually pay George Bull for tax advice? I sincerely hope not if this is the best he can do.

And then there's this from Carolyn Steppler, tax director at KPMG, who told the FT that

the new rules would create more headaches for non-domiciled individuals:, Far from simplifying things, these new proposals appear very complex and will require a number of computations to see which basis of taxation an individual wants to claim under.

Do they honestly think we're stupid, or that this wins sympathy? My own profession never ceases to amaze me, especially at its upper echelons.

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