Has Brown lost the plot?

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Not much hope of a serious announcement on domicile tomorrow when Brown said this today, according to Accountancy Age:

Brown said the Tory policy was based on there being 150,000 non-doms paying £25,000 each but he believed there were 'only a few thousand people' who could, raising just £650m.

The Tory total, he claimed, included foreign nurses and US businessmen in the UK for only a year.

The £650 million number is implausible. I've already explained why.

But so too is this, which the Age also report him saying:

Only several thousand people are capable of paying the money that's being talked about and to most people in the tax industry and accountancy industry this is very well known.

That's just wrong. We all know that it's wrong. Very wrong. Several thousand in my mind means under 10,000. And that's plainly ludicrous.

As is the claim that the non-domiciled includes nurses. Well maybe, but I bet they're the daughters of very wealthy people in that case. Because as I have calculated, with reasons, maybe 7 million people qualify to be non-dom in the UK at any time and I'll bet that 99% of all foreign nurses here are in the 6.9 million who don't claim the status on their tax returns.

There's a maxim hat says when in a hole stop digging. He should learn it, soon. Getting the election wrong is one thing. Looking plain daft is another. And this is daft.

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