Norway to adopt the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

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The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is an important, if flawed, attempt to create accountability within the extractive industries.

It has within it one of the too typical assumptions of G8 and other such countries, which is that such initiatives cannot apply to them, even if they are oil producers, because they could not be asked to improve what they already think to be acceptable accountability.

That logic is wrong. It's patronising. It's factually incorrect: the extractive industries are not transparent within the UK, for example. And corruption is a problem everywhere.

So it's good to see that:

the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that the Government of Norway will implement the EITI. This makes Norway the first developed country to announce that it will not only support the EITI and the implementation of the initiatives elsewhere, but will also itself implement it.

When will the UK follow suit and match its commitment this initiative with real action?

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