Charity and Taxation

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Mark Vyner is a man who has followed his convictions. He was a partner in Grant Thornton until he got pretty uncomfortable with that required of him (as he explains here). Now he works for Christian Aid.

I liked his recent blog on a charity cycle ride he did form London to Paris. As he notes:

One thing which captured my interest was a group of around 15 cycling from various Pricewaterhousecoopers tax departments. They were a friendly bunch ...even though they stuck together and did their own thing on the last evening ...they were treating it as a chance to do a bit of team building I think. Their nominated charity was for children with leukaemia ...although their charity tee shirts tended to give way to pwc ones ....

I questioned one of them at dinner one evening. Lets say they raised £30k between them. It could be more, could be less, but won't be far off. That's fantastic. But how much taxation which well off fee paying clients ought to be paying - and ought to go into amongst other things the NHS to help kids with leukaemia - will they "save" their clients between them once they are back at work????

Good question Mark.

But, did they ask it? That's the even bigger question.

And if not, why not? That's the very big question indeed.