Hecklers – BBC Radio 4

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I had an amsuing time yesterday evening and since the result will be broadcast next Wednesday I thought I'd give it a mention now.

I recorded a programme called Hecklers for BBC Radio 4 (link here). The premise is simple: a person puts forward what is considered a provocative idea and 4 opponents have a chance to heckle them. This is done in front of a live, and hostile audience.

I proposed the motion 'The British government should stop giving tax breaks to foreign multi-millionaires'. This was, of course, a discussion on the domicile rule.

I'm not sure I can say who my hecklers were yet, so won't. But I had a good time, and was interested to find considerable support in the audience at the right-wing Institute of Economic Affairs- hardly my natural support base.

The programme goes out next Wednesday (22 August 2007) at 8pm (20.00 UK time) on BBC Radio 4 - you can listen on the web as well as on FM and digital radio in the UK.

And for those who'd like to listen to me a little sooner than that I'm on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning for a phone in on Inheritance Tax. That's also national radio.