Jersey – seeking to defer the fateful day

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The Jersey Evening Post has reported that two hospitals on Jersey are to be sold for development.

The States is facing a deficit of around £100 million a year when it introduces 0/10 tax. The only way to plug the gap in the short term is to sell the family silver. Attempts to make savings have failed. That's unsurprising. Jersey has the second lowest government spend rate in an OECD related area, but its people want the high standards of living that only state spending can supply.

So the policy is to sell assets, including Jersey Telecom, the airport and anything else that moves. That may keep the current political incumbents out of trouble. But what happens in a few years time? Jersey will still be bust. They're simply putting off the fateful day.


Incidentally, the link may work for a day or two after this blog has posted, and then the JEP reuses its web addresses - possibly the only people on earth who have not found reason to use permalinks.